Furniture Courier (long-distance)

e-Van Transportation offers low-cost Furniture Delivery in Ireland

LDV Maxus LWB HRNeed a van to transport a single item of furniture or just a few items of furniture a long distance, from anywhere in Ireland or Northern Ireland to anywhere else on the island of Ireland, and looking for the most cost-effective way to transport them?

e-Van Transportation‘s furniture courier service is the most suitable service for low-cost furniture delivery in Ireland / Northern Ireland. We keep the cost down by using one of two methods:

— If possible, we attempt to combine your items with other deliveries on a shared load in our larger vans within approx 10 days.

— If that’s not possible, we offer the lowest price that is feasible for a stand-alone trip by using our smallest vans. This can be done any day.


Shared Load Pricing Examples

Example 1: €100 – €120*

*for a sofa from Dublin to Cork City (shared load)

Example 2: €130 – €140*

*for a suite of furniture from Dublin to Cork City (shared load)

Example 3: €120 – €150*

*for a sofa from Dublin to Kerry or Donegal (shared load)

*These prices are subject to availability of a load to share with. When necessary, we hold the item/s in storage for a short time until it can be matched with a suitable load


e-Van Transportation offers Furniture Courier services for All-Ireland

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Furniture Courier Services

Renault Trafic - Long Wheelbase, Low Roof

Small Van also used when suitable

Shared Load Option

For the lowest cost, we offer a shared load option. We will endeavor to add your delivery to a shared load within 10 days of your request, for the lowest possible cost. We cannot guarantee that a suitable load will arise, but if you are flexible and not in a hurry, and looking for the lowest cost transport, it can be worth a try. It is more likely to be possible for collection and delivery between cities and towns rather than to or from more remote areas of the country.

Small Van Courier Option

Small Van for Furniture Courier Service

Our cheapest van for moving furniture long distances

The alternative solution remains available to transport your items as a standalone job. For our furniture courier service, for standalone jobs of small loads, we use small vans when possible, with lower running costs for a lower cost furniture delivery service. With these small but spacious vehicles, we can transport a single item of furniture or a few items from door to door at a reduced cost. It can’t be as low as the shared load option, as the van has to travel the journey with only your goods, but we do offer significant discounts off our standard moving prices for small loads.

These small vans are large enough to carry items such as a 3-seater sofa, or a 3-piece suite.

So if you are looking for a low cost furniture courier service, that is uses experienced, reliable and careful movers, and if you recognise that there is a cost involved for us (diesel, tolls, drivers fee) then you will see that our furniture courier service offers fair and reasonable rates.


Transport of Furniture by Courier

Furniture Courier services are provided using large vans for shared loads, and smaller vans, when possible,
for stand alone jobs, but even the smaller vans have the capacity to transport reasonable large items.

Large pieces of furniture, including:

Furniture Courier Service for All-Ireland

We move any furniture, including large, heavy, bulky items like cabinets

– Sofas and armchairs
– Tables and chairs
– Small or Dismantled Wardrobes
– Dressers
– Cabinets
– Bookshelves
– Large shelving units
– Chests of drawers
– Desks
– Dressing Tables
– TV Units
– Large TVs
– and any other large items of furniture


Large Van

The dimensions of our furniture courier’s Large Van’s goods transportation section are:
Length: 3.2m
Width: 1.7m
Height: 1.9m
Capacity (approx): 10 cubic metres

Doorway Width (approx): 1.6m
Doorway Height (approx): 1.8m.

Small Van

The dimensions of our furniture courier’s Small Van’s goods transportation section are:
Length: 2.5m
Width: 1.6m
Height: 1.4m
Capacity (approx): 5.5 cubic metres

Doorway Width: 1.37m
Doorway Height: 1.33m.
Total Height: 1.96m


  • Ford Transit short wheelbase, low roof - Small Van for small moves
    Ford Transit (short wheelbase, low roof) - from €65


Areas Served

e-Van Transportation offers Furniture Courier Services within the whole of the island of Ireland


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