Crazy Fuel Prices, Worldwide

The Massive Increases in Fuel Costs in recent times and the Implications on the Transport Industry

Crazy Fuel Pricese-Van Transportation has tried for as long as possible to “weather the storm” of increased fuel prices, keeping our long distance prices the same for the last year despite the ever-increasing prices.

But unfortunately it has now gotten to the point that unless we increase out prices a little, it would not be feasible to travel these long distances for moving services.

Because of the amount of time it takes to manually update each price in our pricelist, and because we hope that these crazy fuel prices are temporary, we don’t want to update all of the prices in our pricelist, only to have to change them all back down again when fuel prices return to normal.

For this reason, we are just placing an advisory note in the texts at the top of each section of the price list, advising that prices are temporarily increasing by 10% to account for the huge increase in the cost of diesel.

We hope our customers will understand the need for this increase. We know times are tough for some people at them moment, but our business needs to make a profit or we cannot survive. When prices return to normal, we will be able to remove this excess fee, which we have kept to minimum, purely to cover the current extra fuel costs we a have to endure.

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