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For a Furniture, Equipment or Goods Transport Quote

A simple form to request a quote for local or long-distance transport of:

— a Single Item of Furniture or Equipment or an Appliance,
— or a Set of Items, such as Suite of Furniture or a Table and Chairs

If you need to move a larger quantity of items or you require a full apartment, house or office moving service, please don’t use this form. Instead click here for a more suitable form.

Please fill in and submit the form below:

Transport a Single Item or a Few Items

Transport a Single Item or a Few Items

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    *Examples of Sets of Items:
    - a Table and Chairs = a Set of Items
    - a Suite of Furniture = a Set of Items

    If you have more than this, please do not use this form.
    Instead please click here.


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    Loading and Unloading

    IMPORTANT - Please read:
    If you have large/heavy items that one man could not lift alone, you must agree to help the driver lift, or alternatively, choose the two-man service option.

    Service Level:

    Can you help the driver load and unload?

    Any additional information

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