Ireland Measurements – Imperial or Metric?

Do we use the Imperial or Metric System in Ireland?
Ireland Measurements - Imperial or Metric?

In Ireland, most of us are stuck between the imperial system and the metric system in some kind of measurement limbo. You might even say, it’s a different dimension.

Whilst many of us have switched from inches to centimetres when measuring things, we still think of our own height in feet and inches. Who knows how many metres tall they are?

A perfect example of how people are stuck in this limbo without realising it – and this has happened a number of times when we’ve been providing a furniture transport service – is when people give me one dimension in centimetres and one in feet.

We are now used to think of our speed in kilometres per hour, thanks to our speed limit road signs changing to kilometres per hour. But many of us will still talk about how many miles away our destination is.

And when cooking or baking, we’ve managed to think in grams and kilograms instead of pounds and ounces when measuring ingredients, but we’ll only in know our own weight in stone and pounds.

My parents still use the imperial system more than our generation (like for baking, speed and measuring items), whilst my generation is stuck in between, so maybe the next generation will move fully to the metric system… maybe.


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