Moving Services for Doctors in Ireland

Annual Doctors-in-Training Transfers in Ireland

Once a year, and in some cases, every 6 months doctors in training in Ireland are required to transfer to a new location. This seems to be a requirement for their training, that is necessary for about 5 or 6 years. It would appear from our experience of dealing with customers who are doctors in training, that they can be transfered from anywhere in the Republic of Ireland to anywhere else in the Republic of Ireland.

Doctor Transfers Moving Services in IrelandThankfully we have a network of local drivers for every county in Ireland in addition to our group of core Dublin-based drivers, so we can accommodate any the moving requirements of doctors from anywhere in Ireland to anywhere else in Ireland.

If you’re moving from Dublin or the Greater Dublin Area to anywhere else in Ireland, we have a choice of 5 van sizes at various rates. The same applies if you’re move to Dublin / The Greater Dublin are from anywhere esle in Ireland.

If you are moving from any other county to another county, then we have local drivers within those counties that can service your requirements and they will charge a fee based on what you need moved rather than based on van-size.

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