Removals/Band Equipment Transportation: Lucan to Chapelizod/Ballyfermot

Today I had a job that involved apartment/flat removals from Chapelizod to a storage facility in Ballyfermot and band equipment transportation from Lucan to Chapelizod and then to storage facility on the Kylemore Road in Ballyfermot, Co. Dublin.

Chapelizod, Co.Dublin

Chapelizod, Co.Dublin

The job required the transportation of band equipment (specificaly, lighting equipment) from a house in Lucan and transporting it to an apartment in Chapelizod. Then the main task was an apartment/flat removals job the required I had to load up the contents of the Chapelizod apartment, i.e. shelving, boxes of CDs, clothes, books etc.

Finally all of the items from the apartment plus the lighting equipment had to be transported to the “Need More Space storage facility, Kylemore Road, Ballyfermot, Co. Dublin.

These facilities are very useful for short term storage of your stuff if there will be an intermittent period between you moving out of your place and your move-in date for your new place.

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Image source: Images of Ireland.