Bulky Waste Disposal Wicklow

Licenced Junk Removal: Collection + Disposal in North Co Wicklow

Bulky Waste Disposal in Wicklowe-Van Transportation has partnered with an authorised bulky waste disposal specialist in Wicklow to offer you licenced junk and bulky waste removal: collection and disposal in North Co Wicklow.

Need to dump a small or large quantity of junk or bulky waste in Wicklow?

Fully licenced by the NWCPO, our disposals partner holds a Waste Collection Permit, which will be produced on request on the day of collection. Our service partner is fully insured and licenced to offer bulky waste disposal in North Co Wicklow, as well as disposal of many other types of waste.

Need to dump household junk and bulky waste, skip bags, doors, furniture, beds, garden waste etc, we can arrange collection.

e-Van Transportation can arrange bulky waste disposal services in North Co Wicklow

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Waste Disposal Regulations

Fully Licenced and Insured Bulky Waste Collection

Under waste disposal legislation, it is illegal for a person to hand over waste* to anyone other than an authorised waste collector who is in possession of a valid waste collection permit. Contravention of this law can lead to heavy fines the owner of the waste as well as for anyone collecting waste without a permit. Our disposal specialist holds a valid waste collection permit, which can be produced at the time of collection. *Any item you no longer want and wish to have collected, including furniture, is considered waste, regardless of its condition. For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure you waste collector has a permit. Our collector has a waste collection permit.

Waste Disposal Fees and Recycling: How the Fee is Calculated

Price = Disposal Fee + Collection Fee

The price we quote you for collection includes a disposal fee, based on an estimated weight of the bulky waste you are dumping, and a collection fee depending on your location, and it may include an additional & labour fee depending on the time it will take to load it into the van. The fee depends on the quantity of waste and the type of waste. All bulky waste and junk is taken to an authorised recycling facility.

Bulky Waste Disposal Services

If you need to dump bulky waste and require a larger vehicle because you cannot fit these large items into your car, or because you don’t own a vehicle, e-Van Transportation offers the ideal solution for furniture disposal through our disposals specialist.


A large open-top truck is used, which will comfortably transport large, bulky waste to an authorised recycling centre.

Our waste disposal partner offers:

– Bulky Waste Disposal,

Household Furniture Disposal,

Sofa Disposal,

House or Apartment Clearance,

Household Electrical Appliance and Electronics Recycling

Garden Waste Removal & Disposal

Office Furniture and Waste Disposal, and

Office Electronics Recycling

Bulky Waste Disposal in Dublin is provided using a large box-back tipper lorry with the capacity to transport:

– Large amounts of bulky waste, including:
– Tables and chairs
– Chests of drawers
– Wardrobes
– Presses/cupboards
– Large shelving units
– Dressers
– Dressing tables
– Sideboards
– TV stands
– Couches/sofas and armchairs
– Beds and mattresses
– Carpets and rugs
– Garden furniture
– Garden Waste (branches, leaves, grass, soil)
– Waste timber/wood
– DIY Waste
– and any other bulky waste you need dumped

Areas Served

e-Van Transportation‘s disposals specialist is authorised to collect Furniture and other Bulky Waste North Co Wicklow, in the following areas:
– Blessington & surrounds
– Bray & surrounds
– Delgany & surrounds
– Enniskerry & surrounds
– Greystones & surrounds
– Kilbride & surrounds
– Kilcoole & surrounds
– Newcastle & surrounds
– Newtown Mount Kennedy & surrounds
– Rathnew & surrounds
– Wicklow Town & surrounds

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