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Tipper Lorry for Waste Disposal

For a bulky waste or electrical appliance collection & disposal/recycling quote:

Sofas or Armchairs?
Please DO NOT use this form if your disposal request includes sofas or armchairs. Please click this link instead

Garden Waste or Random Junk?
Rather than using this form, please just WhatsApp me pictures of what is to be collected and from where (your location), on 089 6000 200

Electrical Appliances or Bulky Items?
Please use the form below if you have a clearly-defined list of bulky items to be collected:

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    *If your request includes sofas or armchairs, please:
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    *The locations above are a guideline to the areas that we cover. We can also cover other areas of Wicklow, Kildare, Meath and Louth that are near to the areas listed above. Choose the area nearest to you, for a quote.

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    Loading the Van:

    IMPORTANT - Please read:
    If you have large/heavy items that one man could not lift alone, you must:
    1) help the driver lift them out of your house/office,
    2) or leave them outside in advance,
    3) or choose the two-man service option.
    Large = anything that requires two people to lift it.
    e.g. double beds and mattresses, large kitchen tables, dressers, wardrobes, large cabinets, large chests of drawers, large appliances, large display cabinets, large filing cabinets or anything that one man could not lift alone

    Service Option:

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