Wilsons Auctions Dublin

Wilson's Auctions DublinThe other day I discovered an amazing outlet that I never knew existed thanks to doing a furniture removals job that required I collect some furniture from there and deliver it to a house in Wicklow.

At Wilsons Auctions, you can buy almost any household item second hand and so you could save a fortune when kitting out your new home.

Of course, things are not going to be in perfect condition. The idea would be that you inspect the items before buying. But the person I was helping had bought 17 classic Georgian wooden doors for just a few hundred. Solid wood! HEAVY solid wood! That was a great deal.

They had cookers, shelving units, tables and lots of other household appliances, home and office furniture and other household items. They also auction other stuff like cars, vans and trucks.

So if you’re buying anything from Wilson’s Auctions and need a Man with a Van to get your items home, please give me a call.

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