Weird Jobs I’ve Done – Car Crash

Story 4 – “The More Haste, the Less Speed”, they say.

Car CrashNo names or specific locations are mentioned in this article.

This is the true story of the woman who arrived at the location of the job and crashed her car into a tree.

Recently, I was collecting a sofa from a woman in North Wicklow. When I got to the road, I gave her a call, as the address was a house name on a road – so no house number – so not easy to find. But the phone appeared to be off. Uh oh! That can be a bad sign. Anyway, I found the house and drove through the narrow gateway and up the long driveway and parked outside “The Mews” part of the house, where she lived.

I was about to get out and ring the doorbell when the lady came up the driveway at quite a speed, as though she was in a hurry, took the corner at the end of the driveway, lost control and skidded into a tree.

Man! She wasn’t even late, bar about 3 minutes.

The poor girl was so annoyed with herself. A bit in shock too. Even though the crash had nothing to do with me, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat responsible, as in that it only happened because of the circumstances: that I was collecting her sofa, that she was rushing back to not delay me etc.

Worst of all, she was a learner, so God knows how a claim would affect her insurance. That was going to turn out to be a much more expensive day for her : (


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