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This short form will allow you to request a quick quote / estimate for Home and Office Moving Services in cases where:

– you don’t yet know exactly what is to be moved,
– and perhaps you don’t know your move date yet,
– but you believe you can estimate which Van-Size you think you’ll
need – we have four van sizes.

Alternatively, if you are able to give a detailed list of what is to be moved for your home or office move, and would like a more accurate quote, click here for a more detailed quote request form.

If you require a furniture or bulky Waste Collection Service, please click here.

Please fill in and submit the form below:

Moving Van Sizes Available for Moving Services in Dublin

OUR VANS – Small Van (S) and its Cargo Area,
Large Van (L), Extra-Large Van (XL),
Luton Van (XXL) and its Cargo Area


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    Now please confirm the Town / Locality it is to be COLLECTED FROM*



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    Service Option:

    Please note: the three-man service option is only available on the Luton & Maximover Vans. With the other three vans, only a one-man or two-man service is possible

    Can you help the driver load and unload?

    Will you require a receipt?


    Size of Vehicle Required:

    Dimensions and Capacity of Van's Cargo Area (approx):
    --- Small Van (S) - L: 2.45m, W: 1.6m, H: 1.4m - (5.5 cubic metres)
    --- Large Van (L) - L: 3.4m, W: 1.76m, H: 1.7m - (10 cubic metres)
    --- Extra-Large Van (XL) - L: 4m, W: 1.8m, H: 1.8m - (13 cubic metres)
    --- Luton Van (XXL) - L: 3.93m, W: 1.95m, H: 2.18m - (16.5 cubic metres)
    --- MaxiMover Van (3XL) - (30 cubic metres)


    What is to be moved?

    *Examples of Sets of Items:
    - a Table and Chairs = a Set of Items
    - a Suite of Furniture = a Set of Items

    Any additional information

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