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This short form will allow you to request a quick quote / estimate for Home and Office Moving Services in cases where:

– you don’t yet know exactly what is to be moved,
– and perhaps you don’t know your move date yet,
– but you believe you can estimate which Van-Size you think you’ll
need – we have four van sizes.

Alternatively, if you are able to give a detailed list of what is to be moved for your home or office move, and would like a more accurate quote, click here for a more detailed quote request form.

If you require a furniture or bulky Waste Collection Service, please click here.

Please fill in and submit the form below:

Moving Van Sizes Available for Moving Services in Dublin

OUR VANS – Small Van (S) and its Cargo Area,
Large Van (L), Extra-Large Van (XL),
Luton Van (XXL) and its Cargo Area


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    Size of Vehicle Required:

    Dimensions and Capacity of Van's Cargo Area (approx):
    --- Small Van (S) - L: 2.45m, W: 1.6m, H: 1.4m - (5.5 cubic metres)
    --- Large Van (L) - L: 3.4m, W: 1.76m, H: 1.7m - (10 cubic metres)
    --- Extra-Large Van (XL) - L: 4m, W: 1.8m, H: 1.8m - (13 cubic metres)
    --- Luton Van (XXL) - L: 3.93m, W: 1.95m, H: 2.18m - (16.5 cubic metres)
    --- MaxiMover Van (3XL) - (30 cubic metres)


    Please estimate the number of Van Loads*

    *What does a "van load" mean? - a van load means the total contents to be transported in one trip in the van. If everything you have fills the van once, that is one van load. If they would need to come back for a 2nd trip from the collection location to the destination, that would be a 2nd van load.

    Service Option:

    Can you help the driver load and unload?

    Will you require a receipt?

    Any additional information

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