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We offer Reasonable Removals Rates for Dublin and All-Ireland

At e-Van  Transportation, we feel we charge very fair rates for the services we provide, especially for removals in Dublin.

Cost of Removals - Our Rates

Cost of Removals – Our Rates

Many customers are pleasantly surprised when we quote our Dublin removals rates, commenting that it’s great value, whilst others will tell us the exact same rates are too expensive.

It would appear to be a matter of perspective, and based what value the customer places on the service that’s being provided, and is possibly related to the value they place on their own goods. The thing is, that for us it doesn’t matter what the furniture cost the customer, it still costs us the same amount of diesel, tolls and time to transport it, so the value of the furniture doesn’t affect the price we charge to transport it.

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Price Variations across different Removals Companies

There are many large removals companies charging several multiples of the price we charge for the same types of jobs. And certainly there are men with a van who will do a job for half the price we charge.

The companies that charge more tend to offer some additional frills such as supplying boxes and wrapping, packing your items into boxes and wrapping items in bubble wrap. Is it worth paying 3 times the price for this? Maybe for you it is. Others are happy to take our recommendations for where to buy boxes and bubble wrap, pack and wrap their own goods and save a fortune on the cost of moving.

On the contrary, some people want to pay as little as possible and will book the cheapest man with a van. But is he experienced, reliable and careful? What do you know about him? Maybe he’s fine, but how can you check?

Experience and Reliability

We, on the other hand, have highly-skilled movers with years of experience, a reputation for reliable, careful moving services since 2014, and countless testimonials to prove it.

So if you want a good service that you can rely to move your goods carefully, that’s good value for money at a fair price, that is what we offer.

How do we decide our prices?

We offer very reasonable rates for removals in Dublin and All-Ireland, including house, apartment and office moves, furniture and equipment tranport.

How do we come up with our prices? Our fixed prices for Dublin Removals aim to cover the average time it takes to do a move of its kind. Our €60 rate for moves in Dublin with no large furniture covers up to 2.5 hours work. Some times it takes a little less, but on average most of these moves take about 2.5 hours. Likewise for moves with large furniture and for moves with larger vans, we have worked out over the years how long an average move of its type will take.

Long distance jobs are calculated to allow a certain amount of time to load the van at €25 per hour, an average amount of time to driver the relevant distance at €20 per hour, 20c per km and tolls.

As an example, a move from Dublin to Limerick City with no large furniture costs €205. Between diesel and tolls, it costs us about €100, which leaves €105 profit for about 6.5 hours work, including loading, driving down, unloading and driving back.

The Cost of Running a Removals Business

€105 might seem like a decent amount for a days work. But what you have to consider is all of the indirect expenses that has to go towards: van insurance, motor vehicle tax and CVRT test (like the NCT) are some of these, but the single biggest expense is van repairs.

Because vans are driven constantly, all day, every day, the require a lot of servicing and repairs, which often cost hundreds of Euro to repair and tend to be required every few months. In many cases, repairs can between €300 and €1000 euro every few months.

So for that reason, we really need to factor in the cost of these repairs into our prices for moving services. Otherwise it would not be profitable to run this business.

And we feel that after many years experience, the prices we charge cover our direct and indirect expenses adequately, but but without charging any more than is necessary so as to provide a good value service to our customers.

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