Relocating? Safety Tips and Advice!

Are You Ready to Relocate?

Relocating - Safety Tips and AdviceMoving house is no easy task and most people are subjected to some element of stress during this process, apart from emotional stress it’s not uncommon for house movers to also sustain injury during the course. Often times injuries are minor, more commonly located to hands but bumps and bruises are likely to happen anywhere and unfortunately there are cases of serious injury occurring concluding that the removals should never be considered likely.

A perfect way to avoid such disastrous events from arising would be to consider an experienced London Removals company (for those based in London) instead because that way you can be sure that you are not putting yourself at any risk.

Although hiring a removals company is ideal for most movers there are other important factors which should be considered and these are generally related to the conditions of the environments at both the old property and the new one too. It’s vitally important that the removals team are safe when doing their job also!

To help you to avoid any disasters on moving day, here are some top safety tips for movers when relocating:

Make yourself available!

When you have date for removals make sure that you will be present during the process or if not make sure that you have somebody who can take on the role. You could call in a project manager if you cannot physically make the date, but you must ensure that the person knows your home well. Project manager is an important role where a person is there to advice about certain situations within the home so that movers know where they should be careful and what areas to avoid; ultimately it helps to keep everyone safe.

Packing and Unpacking!

Take you time to do the packing properly, if time is limited consider other options, such as hiring a packing service direct from the London Removals. Everything needs to be carefully packed to ensure its safety but also its important to consider the safety of others also, for instance sharp objects poking out of boxes could be very hazardous to those who have to lift and carry boxes.

Children and Animals

Often troublesome for movers is keeping kids and pets safe, the best advice is usually to contain pets to one room during the day so that they are kept out of harm’s way and also dogs and strangers (Removals team!) may not go down well, to avoid anyone getting bitten or hurt by a distressed dog its best to keep them away from the situation. Children especially younger ones should be away from the situation also for their safety, to avoid them from getting under anyone’s toes, try to arrange childcare for moving day, if possible!

Use the correct equipment or extra hands for heavy lifting!

Don’t try to be superman and lift heavy items of furniture without help, certain items may need 3 or 4 people to help lift them. Most removal hire firms will come fully equipped but if you are moving without professional help it would very worth your while if you considered hiring a two wheel trolley because these are great for stacking up boxes and moving a whole load of contents in one go, it’s also a way to save time to.

If safety precautions are put in place and everything is considered, moving safely is doable. Let’s not forget that most movers want to move fast and anything that is going to set you back (like injury) will only add to the stress as well as making the whole process so much longer.

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