Packing to Maximize Space Usage in Removals Van

…and therefore save yourself money!

Packing to Maximize Space Usage in Removals VanSo you plan to move house? Get ready for the huge ordeal of packing. This is a tedious task but it obviously needs to be done. You need to be diligent when preparing your possessions for moving. Ensuring maximum space usage for all your items in the moving van is an important factor to save you money. The proper packaging will preserve your items from damages and will help you make the most of the space in the van.

You might be one of those people who organise everything and sort their possessions room by room; or you might simply throw the stuff directly in the storage boxes. Whatever your approach, there are basic tips that you need to follow.

Ditch the Room by Room Packing Method

In almost all articles on the Internet you will see the classic room by room advice. Although this might sound as a sound solution, is not completely efficient. When you are packaging you need to primary consider the effective and safe arrangement of the moving van. If you are stacking the vehicle according to the specific room, you risk wasting a lot of space. For instance, you have less stuff in your kitchen than in your bedroom. You can use the items from one of the rooms to fill the small gaps when filling the van, without worrying where they belong.

Make an Inventory

Keeping the things mentioned earlier in mind, go through your possessions. Visually imagine how you will arrange the items. Review the things you plan to keep and the ones you will donate or throw away. You might want to put some stuff on storage. Think whether you have object with peculiar shape and size. They might require special care or service.

Put it in a Boxes

Be sure you have enough boxes of good quality. Obtain more than you need, because often you end up with more things to pack than you thought. Containers are also great way to store both appliances and accessories. In addition, you should also buy protective materials such as bubble wrap or packing paper. Old cloths and blankets are an alternative.

Label As You Go

Do you really need explanation for this one? Write the content on each box. Make it easy on you and ensure that you don’t lose or forget something while transferring your possessions.

Start With The Essentials

You will need certain things that you will use right away when you arrive. They should be at close reach, so you might to consider taking them with you instead leaving them to the removals Ltd.

Pack Smart

Put the heavier items in smaller boxes, while the lighter place in the larger once. Consider the fact that larger appliances and furniture go first in the van. They will be later covered with smaller objects that might scratch them. You need to secure items such stables and beds by covering them with blankets. Disassembling larger pieces is the best way to transport them at one piece.

Save yourself the damages and the repair costs by taking preventive measures and packing well your items. For more ideas click this website.


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