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e-Van Transportation can help you Move Office in Ireland

If you’re Moving Office in Ireland, e-Van Transportation is a man with a van and specialist provider of Office Removals in Ireland, providing office moving services from anywhere in All-Ireland to anywhere else on the island of Ireland, ensuring your Office Equipment, Furniture and Fixtures are transported from your old office to your new premises quickly and easily.

e-Van Transportation offers Office Removals in Ireland

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Various Office Removals Services

Office Moves within Dublin & Surrounds

We can offer 5 different van sizes for moves within our core counties of Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath, Louth and Laois and from Dublin to anywhere in Ireland & Northern Ireland, or vice versa.

Office Relocation outside Core Counties

We can also offer office moving services within any other county in All-Ireland,and from there to anywhere else on this island of Ireland, or vice versa; the vans available for this will usually be standard large vans, though we do have a Luton Van covering the midlands and some other counties (Westmeath, Longford, Roscommon, Offaly, Leitrim).


Moving Office in Ireland | Office Removals IrelandOffice Removals outside Ireland

e-Van Transportation also offers Office Removals Services from Ireland to Northern Ireland, or indeed to anywhere in the world through our international moving partner, so if you need a office removals service to help you move office from Ireland to anywhere in Ireland, e-Van Transportation’s services are the ideal solution.


Van Capacities

e-Van Transportation provides can provide office removals from Dublin Ireland using a large box back van or a range of other vans, which have the capacity to transport office furniture and equipment such as:

– DesksMan with a Van for Office Removals in Ireland
– Chairs
– Cubicle Partitions
– Shelving
– Computers
– Laptops
– Small or large printers
– Small or large photocopiers and scanners
– Coffee machines
– Fridges
– and any other small or large pieces of office furniture and small or large piece of office equipment that you need to transported to your new office

Typical Large Van, Ramp, Trolleys and Ratchet Straps

Typical Large Van, Ramp, Trolleys and Ratchet Straps


Our Equipment

Our drivers have ratchet straps, which will hold your furniture securely in place where necessary, so that they don’t move around the van during transportation.

We also use blankets to protects your furniture from damage.

Our drivers trolleys and the availability of a ramp to transport heavy and awkward items where possible.

All items are handled with care and loaded carefully by professional, experienced movers.


Our Vans

We offer different van sizes at different rates for moves within Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath, Louth and Laois and from those counties to anywhere else in Ireland or Northern Ireland, so you can choose the van size that is most suitable to your move.

Box-Back Van - Inside

Largest Vehicle: Box-Back Van – Inside

Box-Back Van

The dimensions of the loading area of our Largest Vehicle, the Box-Back Van, are:

Length: 4.49m, Width: 1.98m, Height: 2.28m
Door-frame: 1.9m x 2.2m approx


Typical Large Van

The dimensions of our other typical large van’s loading areas are approx:

– Length: 3.4 metres
– Width: 1.7 metres
– Height: 1.7 metres

Typical Large Van:


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