Moving from Ireland to the UK

Top Three Tips To Save Money on Removals Services

Moving from Ireland to the UKMan with a van removal services are a great way to enjoy the professional expertise of home removal companies UK without having to pay quite as much. Moving van companies are especially suited for small removals, dorm removals and local removals where you don’t have a lot of luggage and can make do with a house removal van. As affordable as this option is, you might want to get further discounts on your man and van prices. In this article we share our top three tips on how to save money when hiring a removal van in London.


Tip 1: Load Sharing Can Help Cut Costs

A really neat way of saving on removal prices London is by sharing a movers and van service with someone else who is also relocating at the same time as you are, and to the same city/ neighbourhood. This option works really well for dorm removals or other home removals or deliveries when you have a very light load and you don’t even need an entire moving van to yourself. By tying up with another person you can pay for the same service but divide the total removals quote by half. As a lot of the house movers cost is based on the amount of luggage to be moved and the distance to be travelled, you might have to pay a little bit extra if the man and van UK service man and van UK service providers have to drive extra for a combined removal. One way around this is to set up a common spot and load together from there.


Tip 2: Save Money By Using Your Own Packing Supplies

Tips to Save Money - Moving Ireland to UKOne of the key steps in the process of moving house is arranging for packing and moving supplies. While most large removal companies in Ireland and in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK also sell packaging supplies to their clients, when it comes to man and a van removals most people usually purchase their own packing supplies. This is a great way to save money because you can buy exactly as many moving boxes and packing supplies as you need, and if you know about the impending home removals for some time in advance you can even dedicate some time to finding great deals on packing supplies. When you buy packing supplies directly from the company providing removal services, there might be an additional surcharge to it. To avoid this, you should get packing supplies on your own. This way you can even borrow packing boxes from friends and family who are done with their home removals or you can ask your local shopkeepers or supermarkets or warehouses for any discarded packing supplies that they don’t need anymore. All you have to do is make sure they’re in decent condition and if they’re looking a little worn you can always use packing tape to reinforce the edges.


Tip 3: Pack Light To Spend Light

Since the entire point of using a moving van is to save money when you have a lighter load, you should make sure you keep your luggage to the minimum. In fact, a lot of removals in London are calculated on the basis of both the distance to be travelled and the amount of luggage you have, and while you can’t do much about the former you can reduce the latter to get a great discount on your removals prices.

Man with a Van for Moving from Ireland to the UK

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Home Removals in the UK

If, at a later stage, you choose to move on from your initial home in the UK, check out local removal services in the UK such as London Removals, who offer great rates on home removals or deliveries in London.

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