Moving Home – Top Tips

Advice for Movers: all you need to know!

Moving Home - Top TipsMoving house or apartment/flat is without doubt a stressful time for most people. Along with new babies and wedding planning, most would agree that it’s right up there, within the top three when it comes to life’s major stresses. Fortunately though unlike expanding families and big bash weddings, moving home is a relatively quick process; well the actual moving part of it is anyway.

The stressful side of moving is generally the amount of planning involved, just to make it possible! Endless amounts or sorting, organising, packing, arranging, viewing, deciding, change of addresses etc, you name it, moving entails a lot of planning.

The key to a non stressful move and packing is in the planning, if planning is carefully thought out, right from the start, the rest should fall into place fairly straightforwardly.

Maybe you are unsure of where to begin right now? Well, maybe this helpful guide to planning a move is just what you need!

The Planning Process!

Unless this move has come as a sudden surprise, the planning process is something that should never be bypassed.

Start your planning as soon as the decision to move is set in stone. Whether or not a moving date is available at present should not be an excuse to put things off and the planning process should begin pronto. By leaving things until a date is known could spell disaster, especially if the date happens to come through within a week’s notice. Most people are stressed at the rush and panic of it all leading to very little time to do everything that is required, which is why early planning is the single most important things that you can do and this should be addressed as early as possible.

If your home has become somewhat cluttered over time and the thought of having to sort through it all is making you stressed then try not to worry about accomplishing it all in one day and rather try to do it a little at a time. Start room by room, day by day if you like and carefully go through all of its contents de-cluttering anything you no longer need or require.

The good thing about starting early means that you allow more time to decide what to do with unwanted items, rather than the possibility of throwing things away and last minutes rushed notice, it may be that things can be sold on and that a little cash can be made to put towards the move and hiring removal services.

There are always things that you can be getting on with, prior to moving day, which will help to de-stress you on the actual day. Start by clearing out at home, have a good sort through all of your things at home and de-clutter so that you don’t have to take things that you no longer use or need with you.

When should I consider removal hire services!

As time gets closer to the move, you may want to start thinking about what kind of removal services you wish to use? Are you considering a DIY move? Do you own a van or can get hold of a van on the date you want it? Would you prefer to hire a removal company to assist with the move?

If a removal hire company is on the cards it may be more beneficial to book a removal date with them, as soon as one is available to you because looking for a last minute removal company could further add to your stresses, especially if you struggle to find one who is available on the date you want due to being fully booked. Removal companies have a roaring trade these days and with people moving more now than ever it’s not uncommon to struggle to get a booking at last minutes notice. Try not to fall victim to this removal stress!

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