Men with Ven

I have to say, my inspiration to start my own Man with a Van company was almost certainly ignited by Super Hans from Peep Show.

He’s not your conventional role model, but I’m pretty sure it was watching Peep Show that put the idea in my head and it went from there… I mean, it seems like sound advice that, as Super Hans mentioned at one point, men with a van are fairly “recession proof”, in that people always need to move. Whether it’s to upgrade in good times, or downgrade in bad times, or simply because your landlord puts the rent up by too much or finds a reason to ask you to leave, there are always reasons why people have to move.

The “Men with Ven” reference comes from the episode in the clip below. Super Hans is a Man with a Van and when Jez finally decides to try to get a job, and Mark is sorting him out with a low-grade job in the bank, which Jez is very reluctantly starting that day, Super Hans suggests that Jez should get a van too, and then they could be Men with Ven.

To see that bit skip to 1 minute 17 seconds:

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