Irish Red Cross Free Furniture Collection

The Irish Red Cross free furniture collection service is no longer in operation but
e-Van Transportation can offer some alternative solutions

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Here are e-Van Transportation‘s alternative options:

– Sofa Disposal Service
Household Furniture Disposal Service
Bed and Mattress Disposal Service
Office Furniture Disposal Service
Apartment and House Clearance Service

The History:

In 2014, the Irish Red Cross was offering a free furniture collection service, allowing customers to recycle old furniture by donating it to charity.

e-Van Transportation was appointed to collect furniture donations on behalf of the Irish Red Cross.

However, in early 2015, the Irish Red Cross free furniture collection service was discontinued.


Details of the Red Cross Free Service Previously Provided (now discontinued):

If you had old furniture that was in very good condition and you wanted to donate it to charity for whatever reason, you were able to avail of this free furniture collection service.

Reasons for donating good quality furniture, that was resellable, to charity could have included:

– That people had bought new furniture to replace it,
– They were moving house/apartment and you no longer needed it or had space for it
– Or they you simply no longer wanted it

… and if they believed there was still plenty of life left in their furniture and someone else could benefit from it, there was this great option to help them find a new home for their furniture, free of charge, by donating it to the Irish Red Cross.

The donators could benefit by getting their furniture taken for free, the Irish Red Cross charity could benefit by selling on this furniture in their Newbridge store, and the new buyers could benefit by obtaining cheap furniture.

Unfortunately, due to the low quality of many donations, the service was discontinued.

From that point on, e-Van Transportation sought to fulfil the requirements of this gap in the market by offering a range of services to suit customers wanting to dispose of furniture of varying levels of quality.

Whether your furniture is in perfect condition or is only fit for the dump, e-Van Transportation can offer a low cost (but no longer free) solution to allow you to dispose of it.

See links e-Van Transportation’s alternative solutions above.

The Irish Red Cross continues to operate the charity shop in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, where you can still buy great quality clothing and other items. It’s on the main street – Edward Street, opposite Penneys.

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