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If you’re moving house in Naas, moving to Naas or moving away from Naas, e-Van Transportation offers the perfect solution to get your belongings from your old place to your new home, quickly and easily.

e-Van Transportation offers Naas House Removals

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Apartment & House Removals in Naas

e-Van Transportation has been providing home removals services in Naas since 2014. We are an experienced and reliable home moving service, offering a low cost loading and transport of your belongings from your old house to your new home quickly and easily. As specialist in Naas apartment & house removals, our large vans have the capacity to transport:

– Sofas and armchairs
– Tables and chairs
– Chests of drawers
– Large shelving units
– Other large pieces of furniture
– Large household appliances
– Large boxes of clothes and other household items
– Large bags of clothes etc
– Large suitcases
– Bicycles
– And any other household items you may need transported when moving


Our drivers have trolleys to help to transport heavy and awkward items, blankets/sheets, to protect your furniture in transit, and ratchet straps, which will hold your furniture securely in place where necessary, so that they don’t move around the van during transportation.

Our Vans

We offer 5 different van sizes for moves within Naas, to Naas or out of Naas:

  • Ford Transit - Long Wheelbase, Medium-High Roof
    Large Van (L)


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