Fully Insured Moving Services

We can offer Moving Services with Goods-in-Transit Insurance

ECRemovals - full-service removals with goods-in-transit insurance

e-Van Transportation has formed a separate division called ECRemovals, to offer services that include Goods-in-Transit Insurance, as well as other additional services.

It’s worth mentioning that goods-in-transit insurance is an extremely expensive insurance that increases the cost of providing moving services significantly.

The cost of goods-in-transit insurance for furniture moving services is approx €10,000 per year, so the price we need to charge for our moving service that include goods-in-transit insurance is higher. We offer fully-insured home and office removals services through our ECRemovals Division.

View Pricing for Services that Include Goods-in-Transit Insurance:

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Long Van (XXL) for Moving Services with Goods-in-Transit Insurance

ECRemovals – Long Van (XXL) for  Home and Office Moving Services with Goods-in-Transit Insurance

Insured Moving Services

Goods-in-Transit is an optional additional insurance cover that van drivers can obtain to cover against accidental damage during normal transit of furniture and belongings. Whilst we always take great care when performing all moving services, some of our customers would rather pay extra to have the assurance that their goods are insured, just in case.


Lower-Cost Moving Services

We also offer much lower cost services that do not include goods-in-transit insurance. We believe it’s good to have options and the choice is yours! For all of our services, we take great care to ensure that nothing gets damaged in transit by covering all of your items of furniture with thick blankets and securing them with ratchet straps. We can also recommend places where you can buy bubble wrap and other wrapping materials if you wish to wrap fragile items for additionnal protection.

5 Van Sizes for Low-Cost Home and Office Moving Services

The Alternative: e-Van Transportation Low-Cost Services, but without Goods-in-Transit Insurance – Small (S), Medium (M) Large (L), Extra-Large (XL),
Luton (XXL) and Luton Van – inside

So you may wish to do without goods-in-transit insurance in order to have a significantly lower-cost moving service. It is exteremely rare that anything is ever damaged in transit anyway, since our movers are highly experienced and very careful with all of your furniture and goods when loading and unloading.

Still, if you do feel you want have an insured service, we can offer it.

The difference between the cost of our lower-cost moving services and our fully insured service is significant, so it’s worth thinking about whether you require the fully-insured service.

View Pricing for Lower-Cost Services without Goods-in-Transit Insurance:

View Pricing for low-cost Office and House Removals in Dublin


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