Fully Insured Moving Services

We can offer Moving Services with Goods-in-Transit Insurance

e-Van Transportation can offer moving services that include Goods-in-Transit Insurance.Maximover Van  - furniture removals with goods-in-transit insurance

All of our movers are highly-experienced, skillful and careful when moving furniture, and they use blankets to protect you furniture from scraping against each other, and ratchet straps to hold them securely in place in the van.

So accidental damage during normal transit is extremely unlikely. However, if you feel you would like to have the peace of mind of knowing that your items are covered by insurance in the event of accidental damage, then we can offer this cover.

We offer five different rates, according to van-size. They are the Small, Large, Extra-Large, Luton and Maximover Van Rates.

Our Maximover Van Rates already include Goods-in-Transit Insurance. If you’d like to have this cover on any of our lower priced vans rates, we can offer Goods-in-Transit Insurance as an add-on for an additional €50.

Any moves where then customer has requested the Goods-in-Transit Insurance will be done in either a Maximover Van or a Luton Van as these are the vans that are insured with this cover. But we can offer you the rates that usually apply to each of the other three van-sizes, based on the size of your load, which we would estimate by having the list from you of items to moved.

The Goods-in-Transit Insurance Add-On is only available on two-man services, as this allows the movers to be fully responsible for their own work.


Moving Services with Goods-in-Transit Insurance Add-On

Rates for moves within most of Dublin. These rates apply to all of South Dublin City, South & West County Dublin, North Dublin City, and in North County Dublin as far north as Swords, Kinsealy, Malahide and Portmarnock. We do cover locations outside this, but additional fees apply. (Reasonable time-limits apply)

Service-Level3XL VanXXL VanXL VanLarge VanSmall Van
Basic Fee for 2-Man Servicen/a*€220€165€130€95
Goods-in-Transit Insurance€50€50€50€50€50
Basic Fee including Goods-in-Transit Add-On€450€270€215€180€145
Time Limits on One Van Load (i.e. Loading, Transport & Unloading)3 hours2 hours 30 minutes2 hours 15 minutes2 hours1 hour 45 minutes
Extra Time (if required)€15 per 15 minutes€15 per 15 minutes€15 per 15 minutes€15 per 15 minutes€10 per 15 minutes
Additional Van Loads€60 per hour€60 per hourn/a*n/a*n/a*
Other Potential Additional Charges
Apartments above Ground Floor, with No Elevator€40 per floor€20 per floor€15 per floor€10 per floor€5 per floor
Crossing from Northside to Southside Dublin or Vice-Versa€5 extra per crossing€5 extra per crossing€5 extra per crossing€5 extra per crossing€5 extra per crossing
Disassembly / Reassembly of Furniture€15 per 15 minutes€15 per 15 minutes€15 per 15 minutes€15 per 15 minutes€10 per 15 minutes
*Please Note:
- We don't offer a one-man option for services that include Goods-in-Transit Insurance.
- We don't offer a Maximover service without Goods-in-Transit Insurance - it always includes this cover.
- If you book at the Small, Large, Extra-Large or Luton Van Rate, but then you have significantly more stuff than you initially realised, the rate will need to be adjusted accordingly, depending on how much stuff you have in the end.
- Time Limits apply to one van load for the relevant van size. A second van load is always chargeable.
- Rates apply to moves from one collection location to one delivery location. If there are extra locations, there will be an extra charge.
Please request a quote and we will provide a quote based on the information you provide.

4 Van-sizes for low-cost Home and Office Moving Services

Other Van-Sizes:
Small (S) and Small Van – inside,
Large (L) and Extra-Large (XL),
Luton (XXL) and Luton Van – inside

Insured Moving Services

Goods-in-Transit is an optional additional insurance cover that van drivers can obtain to cover against accidental damage during normal transit of furniture and belongings. It’s worth mentioning that goods-in-transit insurance is an extremely expensive insurance that increases the cost of providing moving services significantly. So this the reason why we need to charge more for this facility.

The cost of goods-in-transit insurance for furniture moving services is several thousand euro per year, so the price we need to charge for our moving service that include goods-in-transit insurance is needs to be higher to cover that cost. We offer fully-insured home and office removals services with our Maximover Van.

Whilst we always take great care when performing all moving services, some of our customers would rather pay extra to have the assurance that their goods are insured, just in case. Insuranced services cost an additional €50 above the normal price for the relevant van-size.


Lower-Cost Moving Services

We also offer lower cost services that do not include goods-in-transit insurance. We believe it’s good to have options and the choice is yours! For all of our services, we take great care to ensure that nothing gets damaged in transit by covering all of your items of furniture with thick blankets and securing them with ratchet straps. We can also recommend places where you can buy bubble wrap and other wrapping materials if you wish to wrap fragile items for additionnal protection. So you may wish to do without goods-in-transit insurance in order to have a lower-cost moving service. It is extremely rare that anything is ever damaged in transit anyway, since our movers are highly experienced and very careful with all of your furniture and goods when loading and unloading. Still, if you do feel you want have an insured service, we can offer it.

The difference between the cost of our lower-cost moving services and our fully insured service is not huge, so it’s worth thinking about whether you require the fully-insured service.


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