Finding Student Accommodation

Choosing a Comfortable Place as a Student

Finding Student AccommodationThere comes a time when you need to leave the cosy family nest and start a life as a grown-up. For many people this moment comes when they head to the university. Moving to a new place is both exciting and scary. Going away from the comforts of your home is a stressful experience especially when it comes to finding a place where to live. Fear not! This little walk-through describes the process from choosing the right living space to hiring a dependable man with van company to all the procedures that you might encounter.

Okay, so you swapped the university residence halls for a private accommodation. You are not the only one. Many students find private homes cheaper than the regular dormitory. Even if this is not the case, having your own personal space is a huge benefit. Let’s start the hunt for your perfect home.

Starting Point

It all comes to one thing – research. Hit the university website for accommodation options. If your college doesn’t offer such a service, search in forums or other renting webpages, such as You want a place that is near your university, but that is not isolated from the central parts of the city. Look for key areas that have stores and pharmacies at a close reach. If you decide to hire a letting agent, keep in mind that they often impose additional charges for “administrative services.” Ask for a list with all the expenses. Look for exaggerated fees and if you spot something wrong, report to the accommodation office of your university. Remember that agents are obliged to show you property, without charging you. Don’t be shy or feel intimidated to negotiate the prices. The safest way is to directly contact the landlords.


Although the rent is determined by the landlord, you can still try to lower it down. Get acquainted with the latest news and information about the estate market. Recently the prices have fallen, the mortgages as well. Use this information when negotiating the rent. Ask upfront what will the deposit be and when you will be required to pay the rent, as well as the length and the break clause of the contract. Be sure that you know what is required from you by the agreement.


Make a checklist with all the things you have to look in a living place. When inspecting the house, examine the general condition of the place. You are going to spend a lot of money on this, so be sure you’re not moving into a damp property. Check if the property is clean and whether the furniture is in good quality; check whether the facilities work properly and whether there is enough space for all the sharers. If you have a chance to meet with the current tenants, have a little chit chat with them. Ask them about occurring problems and the way the landlord handles them.
Prior to moving in, make an inventory list together with your landlord. If needed, take photos of the property that you can use as evidence when you need to get your deposit back. Get in writing all the verbal agreements you have with your landlord before renting the house.

Moving In

If you are planning to bring a lot of stuff, consider two things: moving cost and storage. If you are taking with you heavy object such as furniture you will should hire a moving company. Collect only the most essential things. In this way you will have more space. Another option is to use creative storage solutions. Hanging racks, storage bags and boxes are your best friend when dealing with clutter.

Living Together

When you get to the new place you will be required to sign a tenant’s agreement stating that the responsibility for paying the household expenses is shared jointly. Be sure that all the bills are fairly paid. Set a household routine to determine who and when will clean the house or use the utilities. Resolve the fight over the fridge by labelling all the food and dividing it into different sections. Most of all, be polite with your landlord and your house-mates.

The most important tip when moving in a new place is compromise. Don’t be discouraged by minor defects of the house and be patient with the people that share space with you.

Student Mover Service

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