Operations / Manager – Evan

Van Men Profile - Evan

Company: e-Van Transportation

Current Role: Owner, Manager
Previous Role: Owner, Operator

Location: Raheny, Dublin

Furniture Removals Experience: Since February 2014. Following three and a half years as the sole moving services provider, Evan now manages moving services and disposal services through several independent men with a van and authorised waste disposal companies

Services: Pricing, booking and scheduling of all services, including Home and Office Moving Services, Furniture Transport, Equipment Transport, Furniture and Waste Disposal and Electrical Recycling

Area Covered: Moving Services offered within Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath, Louth and Laois, and long distance moves from these counties to anywhere in Ireland, or vice versa. Waste Disposal Services offered within the Greater Dublin Area

Permit Info: e-Van Transportation organises waste collection services through authorised waste collection partner companies. All waste collection services must be completed by Norman or Valeriy. All moving services are organised separately through independent men with a van.