My e-Toll Frustration!

The Unfair Treatment of Van Drivers at Toll Bridges

Benefits of e-Toll Tags

e-Toll Tag

e-Toll Tag

What is the point in having an e-Toll electronic tag for toll bridges? Well, here are the benefits, all of which benefit car drivers:

– Avoid having to ensure you always have enough change for the “exact change booth”
– Avoid even having to ensure you have any cash to pay the cashier at the “cashier booth”
– Avoid long, slow queues… drive straight through the express lane, of which there are usually two or three, and you usually don’t have to queue at all
– Avail of a discounted price on the M50 with tags such as eFlow

Excluded from Express Lane

The benefit that I, as a van driver, cannot avail of is the Express Lane, and this really annoys me!

The reason I cannot use the express lane is that there is a height restriction that prevents most vans from driving through the express lanes. The height restriction varies between 1.9m and 2.2m. My van is 2.3 metres. What a kick in the teeth! Only car vans and the likes of a Ford Transit Short Wheel Base with Low Roof and other small vans can fit under the barrier.

So ok, fair enough, these lanes are dedicated to cars and small vans.

Why can’t they have one lane that is “tags only”, without a height restriction? Especially when they have several lanes closed sometimes. Why not open one of these as an “unrestricted tags only lane”. It’s not like this is not feasible, because there is, in fact an “unrestricted tags only lane” on two of the toll bridges – the East Link and the M4 – but not on the majority of the toll bridges.

I am sick of having the queue behind people who are counting out change or fumbling around their car looking for their wallet or purse, when I have gone to the trouble of organising an electronic tag.

Let us van drivers get the benefit of our tags please!

Unfair Prices

Why are vans charged so much! Vans are charged as much as buses! Buses are huge! Vans are not. I can understand why buses and trucks are charged more. Their weight is more of a burden on roads, with the potential to cause more damage than a car. A van is only a bit larger than an SUV, which pays the car rate. Where as a bus can be so much larger than a van and it pays the same rate as a van.

Van drivers are often very regular users of the toll roads, because use our vehicles for work; not just to get to and from work. Why can’t we get a special rate to save us money (other than on the M50)? We are some of their best customers and yet we have to pay a higher rate and get no reduction for our regular custom… oh unless we are a big company with a whole fleet. As ever, let the rich company pay less and charge the poor struggling self-employed man with a van the full rate.

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