Dublin to Cork City Moving Service

Dublin to Cork City & Cork City to Dublin Moving Service

Fixed prices for house, apartment and office moves from Dublin to Cork City or from Cork City to Dublin.

We offer a choice of five different van sizes, so we can cater for moves of all sizes, and you can choose a one or two man-service.

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in various van sizes:

Long Distance Removals Pricing

5 Van Sizes and Inside the Small Van and Luton Van - Vans for long-distance moving services from Dublin to Cork City

Ts & Cs:

– Offer valid for home and office removals from Dublin to Cork City (or nearby) or from Cork City (or nearby) to Dublin

– One van load limit, i.e. loading up the van, transport and unloading into your new location

– If you choose the one-man service, generally you will need to help the driver to load and unload the van, unless it’s a small move

– Alternatively you can choose a two-man service

– If you have large furniture or large appliances that would require two people to lift them, then you must either help the driver lift them, or choose the two-man service

– Reasonable time-limits apply to loading and unloading at the fixed prices. The amount of time included in the price depends on the size of the van – there are 5 van-sizes


Cheap Home Removals from Dublin to Cork

This offer of cheap long-distance home removals and office removals from Dublin to Cork City is ideal for people who are moving house, apartment or office from Dublin to Cork City or from Cork City to Dublin and need to transport one van load of goods from their old place to their new location in one go, whether that be their belongings, furniture, appliances, equipment or any combination of those. As we have 5 different van sizes, we have a van do suit all sizes of moves. Hiring the man and van services of e-Van Transportation will allow you to transport everything to your new apartment, house or office in one quick and easy move.


More images of popular choice, the Large Van (L)

We offer long-distance moves in five different van sizes, but a popular choice is the Large Van (L). Here are some pictures of this van to help you understand its capacity:


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