Couriers and Warehouse Handling of Fragile Goods

Handle with Care, Goddammit!

Fragile Goods - Handle with CareWhat is it about some couriers and some warehouse staff that instead of assuming boxes might well contain something that is breakable, and therefore handle everything with care, they almost always throw boxes around and drop boxes to the floor unless it is specifically spelled out to them to handle with extreme care?

Fragile tape is meaningless to them. And sometimes, no matter how much you tell them to be careful, the stuff still gets damaged in transit. I used to work for a major phone company who used glass display cases to display their merchandise. Part of my job was to make sure every store had the correct display cases and the correct products displayed inside them.

About 1-in-5 of the display cases sent out would arrive broken. I would ask the warehouse to check them before sending them out, and they would check and confirm they were intact, then the cases would arrive at the store, they’d open them, and I’d get the call that the case was broken…

The couriers always claimed they were being careful and the warehouse always claimed they were as well. But somehow, so many of the cases arrived broken.

I always play it safe: if I don’t know what is in a box, I handle it with care.

That way, if it is fragile, it will be fine. If it’s not, no harm done. Couriers, in my experience, often seem to have the opposite mindset, i.e. if it doesn’t say it’s fragile, then throw it around the place. And even if it does say it’s fragile, they still don’t handle it with that much care.


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