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I was receiving a lot of enquiries for collection and dumping of furniture and other waste.

By researching the regulations, I discovered that a permit is required to collect waste of any kind, including furniture.

In order to get this permit, a special type of van insurance is required, that is only provided by one insurance company in Ireland, and public liability insurance is required.

The total cost of setting up as an authorised waste collector was close to €7000 for the 1st year, about €5000 for the next 4 years, then €7000 again in year 5, and so on.

Add these costs to the high cost of disposal of waste at the authorised waste facilities, and it might give some insight into why the cost of using a licenced waste collection company to collect your waste may cost more than you thought it would.

With all of the setup costs in mind, I decided to outsource waste collection services to licenced waste collectors.

The prices offered by my partner companies are fair and not over the top, but are at the minimum level possible to provide a licenced waste collection service, and still make a small profit (which is obviously essential).

So I can now offer collection and dumping of household furniture, household appliances and office equipment and furniture, office electronics and a range of other waste disposal services through a number partner companies who hold waste collection permits and are fully authorised by the NWCPO to collect furniture and other bulky waste.