Beware of Cheap Waste Collectors

The Cost of Waste Collection, Unauthorised Collectors and Illegal Dumping

Authorised Waste Collection Services

You may think the cost of furniture disposal is high with some service providers.

“Why are some waste disposal services so expensive?”

“How are some providers offering cheap waste disposal?”

You may get much lower quotes from other men with a van and be tempted to go with the lower price.


But Beware!

Illegal Dumping in DublinIf the cost seems low, it could indicate that the service is illegal in various different ways. Not only might they not be authorised or insured to collect waste, they may have no intention of disposing of it properly.


High Cost of Authorised Waste Collection Services

The cost of providing furniture and waste collection services legally and ethically is very high. Below are the primary reasons why it’s expensive.


Indirect Expenses

The Cost of Disposal

The price an authorised collector pays to dump/recycle your furniture or other bulky waste or green waste at an authorised waste/reclycling facility is high. A large percentage of the price we charge you goes towards paying for disposing of your items at the recycling centre/dump. In many cases about 50 – 75% of what we charge you goes on disposal fees at the dump.

Waste Collection Permit

e-Van Transportation uses authorised waste collectors. The cost or a waste collection permit is €2000. This is valid for 5 years and then has to be renewed at the same price.

Specialised Van Insurance

Normal van insurance does not cover the driver for working as a waste collector. You need special van insurance, which is very expensive at approx €2650 per year for third party fire and theft or approx €3100 per year for fully comprehensive insurance. It’s also extremely difficult to find an insurer in Ireland that offers this cover, but there is one company that does. In order to obtain a waste collection permit, you must have this special van insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

You also need public liability insurance or you can’t get your waste collection permit. This costs another €1600 per year.

Other Indirect Expenses

— Motor Vehicle Tax
— CVRT Test (like the NCT)
— Regular vehicle servicing and repairs costs due to high level of use

Direct Daily Expenses

And of course, what we charge also needs to cover the direct daily expenses of providing the service. This includes:

— Diesel Costs
— Tolls
— Driver’s Wages*
— And helper’s wages (when required)

*Our driver is paid a fair wage. For that reason, he has been with us since we started the business. This experience is very important for providing this service safely and carefully. He provides a great, friendly service and we have hundreds of reviews who are a testimony to that. Read Reviews Disposals Services, written by past customers, which are included here.


Cost of Collecting Waste Legally

So in order to collect waste legally, an initial investment of up to €6700 is required for the permit and insurance. In year two, three, four and five it still costs €4700 per year for insurance and in year five, €6700 again for the permit and insurance. And that is just for starters, because there is also all of the other expenses I mentioned above too. So obviously what the collectors charge needs to cover these indirect expenses in the long-term, plus the inevitable van-repair and servicing expenses, as well as covering the direct expenses: disposal fees, diesel, tolls, drivers wages, and helpers fees (where required). And after all that, there needs to be enough left to provide a viable income.

Total Cost of Disposal Service

Bearing all of this in mind, you can see why the price for authorised furniture and waste collection services is what it is. And the price charged by our waste collectors is actually at the minimum rate possible to cover all of these expenses and leave profit that makes it possible to continue to provide this service.

Cheaper Service Providers

Fly Tipping

You should be very wary anyone who is charging much less than the average price. They are likely to be collecting illegally because at the prices some collectors are charging, they could not be making any money if they were paying all the aforementioned permit and insurance costs. And if they do not have a permit, it is not only illegal for them to collect your waste: it’s illegal for you to hand over your waste to them. Both you and the collector could receive large fines.

Burden of Responsibility

It is your responsibility to ensure that the person you hand your waste over to is an authorised collector. But this is really easy to confirm. You only have to ask them to show you their waste collection permit or permit number. If they don’t have one, don’t hand over your waste to them.

Illegal Dumping

Unauthorised Waste Collection ServicesIf their price is really cheap… If it seems too good to be true, there is a good chance they are not even taking your waste to an authorised recycling facility. They may be just dumping it in a field. Again, if they don’t have a permit, you’ve no right to assume they are disposing of your waste ethically, just because they day they say they will.

Permit Holders

However, if a collector does have a waste collection permit, then you can rest assured that you have fulfilled your legal responsibility regarding disposal of your waste. Once collected, your waste then becomes the legal responsibility of the permit holder, whose collections and disposals must be carefully documented and reported on periodically, and very strict standards and regulations must be adhered to. Your waste if safe with a permit holder.

e-Van Transportation uses Waste Collection Permit holders for all of waste collection services.

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