New Business Cards

This evening I spent a few hours perfecting the design of my new business cards for e-Van Transportation. Then finally, I submitted the order. I was going for Vistaprint’s 250 Cards for €9.99 offer, as I saw in their TV ad, but decided to actually get their 500 cards for €14.99 in the end.

e-Van Transportation Business Card

e-Van Transportation Business Card

I’ve just designed and ordered some business cards from Vistaprint and I’m pretty happy with how they look so far.

The price is dead cheap, but delivery ads a another €6.03 to the price, which is a bit more than I expected, and VAT is also added.

So the total is actually €25.86 for 500 cards, but I’m still very happy with the design functionality, and the price is grand. So here’s hoping the actual cards continue to impress.

They’re due to be delivered soon. If you see me, you’re sure to get one.