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Story 3 – The Apartment that was being used as a Brothel.


No names or specific locations are mentioned in this article.

I was collecting some furniture for disposal from an apartment in North Dublin one day. It was a seeming normal job: a couch-bed and a single bed to be dumped.

But then the landlord told me why he was disposing of the furniture. He advised me that in case you I thinking of keeping, selling or donating the furniture, which seemed in good condition, that I definitely shouldn’t do so.

Then he told me the story:

He said the tenants had seemed like a pair of nice, normal girls from somewhere in Eastern Europe. Then one day the Gardaí called him and asked was he aware that it was alleged that a brothel was being run in the apartment he owned in North Dublin. Of course, he had no idea this was the case.

So the Gardaí went to the apartment to investigate, but the tenants refused to open the door. Contrary to what you see in the movies, the cops don’t tend to kick down the door of you refuse them entry. Instead, they left the building and called the landlord again and asked him to accompany them to the apartment.

Later that day the landlord went with the Gardai to le them into the apartment. Of course, by this time the tenants had fled. Good work Gardaí!

However, the tenants left in such a rush that they left a lot of their possessions behind, including a book of clients. Oops!

This was seized along with other potential evidence, like laptops. The locks were changed, obviously, as the tenants were no longer welcome.

Amazingly, the “criminals” returned to the scene of the crime. They brazenly broke into the apartment to try to retrieve their possessions, most of which had not been seized as they were not relevant to the investigation.

But as it happened, they were not able to take everything with them all at once. The apartment was reported as having been broken into and the landlord had to change the locks again.

Then, believe it or not, the tenants returned a second time and broke in again! This time they got the remainder of their possessions. Funnily enough, they replaced the broken locks this time to secure the apartment. But naturally, they didn’t leave the keys. So then the landlord had to change the locks again!

So to return to an earlier point, the landlord advised that the furniture should definitely be disposed of, considering the kind of hijinks that would have been going on in that apartment.

It turned out that this apartment was not the only apartment in the building being used for prostitution. There were several others that were all being rented from different landlords, without the landlords’ knowledge, and being run as one brothel.


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