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e-Van Transportation was mentioned in an Irish Times article

Man with a Van Home Removals Ireland

An article on home removals in Ireland written by Sandra O’Connell in the Irish Times for Saturday’s (14th January 2017) printed paper, and published online on Friday 13th, mentioned e-Van Transportation as an option for overcoming the stressful situation that is the house move.

The article, The Big, Stressful House Move: How to do it Right, talks about the various options you can choose when moving house in Ireland, from renting a van for the day and doing the move yourself – probably the cheapest option for a big move, at about €100 per day – to using the high-end services that offer to pack everything up for as well as transport it, and charge €800 to €1000 for such a service in a local area, and around €2500 to €3000 for a trip from Dublin to Cork.

e-Van Transportation focuses on offering a low cost basic, but friendly, helpful and accommodating home removals service. I offer home removals within most of Dublin for as little as €75 where large furniture is involved, and for only €60 if there is no large furniture, whilst a single van load home removal job from Dublin to Cork will only cost you €295 with e-Van Transportation, provided you are ok to help me to load and unload the van.

Home Removals in Ireland

Home Removals in Ireland – example of loaded van

In recent times I’ve talked to customers who have received quotes for as much as €500 to do a 3-van load move from Delgany to Greystones. It included provision of 4 men, dismantling furniture and reassembling furniture and allowed for 6 hours work. The provision of 4 men seems overkill to me for a typical home removals job, and would surely contribute a lot to the high price.

e-Van Transportation tries to keep the price as low as possible by offering a more basic home removals service. My quote for the same job was only €250. This was for a one man home removals service, with the customer helping me to lift large items in and out, and did not include dismantling and reassembly of furniture. However there was no time limit on it, and with 3 van loads required, it could have run on a bit longer.

Man with a Van Home Removals

Man with a Van Home Removals – example of a small move without furniture

Generally, my customers have everything packed and ready to go and where necessary, they have furniture dismantled and ready for transport, although I have on many occasions, and when required, dismantled or helped to dismantle beds and kitchen tables in the course of home removals jobs I’ve done.


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