e-Van Transportation Supports Marriage Equality

Yes EqualityTimes change… and it’s time for change.

Everyone should be able to marry the person they love.

Nobody is asking the Catholic Church to recognise gay marriage. This is about state marriages and about every couple in Ireland having equal rights in relation to marriage.

I am probably wasting my breath (or fingertips) with staunch No voters. Their minds are not for changing.

Evan Supports Marriage EqualityFor those of you who are on the fence and are unsure about which result will serve the greater good, then try instead to consider how it might affect you or those close to you.

Imagine you vote No and in the end a No vote is passed. Then imagine that in the future you have two children and one turns out to be gay. And both kids grow up, meet the person of their dreams and fall madly in love. Your straight son/daughter gets married and lives happily ever after. Then one day your other child realises they are gay and eventually comes out to you and, either immediately, or eventually, you fully accept their sexuality because you are a decent person and you love your child unconditionally.

Then they meet the person of their dreams and fall in love. You meet the person and they are lovely and you all get on great. The one day the topic of marriage comes up. Your son/daughter tells you they wish they could marry their partner and they have heard that there was a referendum on this in 2015, and they ask you how you voted.

You’ll have to tell them you voted No.

They will be devastated by this realisation and will probably ask you whether you think their happiness is less important than the happiness of their brother/sister. Whether you think their love is less important. And probably many other questions about your true feelings about their sexuality. Do you think you can live with that?

The Mother and Father vs Same Sex Parents Argument

Although the adoption argument is not really relevant to this referendum, the matter is being discussed about whether a gay couple can offer the same range of support for a child as a father and a mother can.

I am a father myself, so you can rest assured that I don’t take the welfare of children lightly.

I think that there is, in fact, an argument that, couple for couple, gay couples with children are possibly more likely to be good parents than straight couples.

I am talking about the potential reasons why couples who have children end up up being bad parents. The straight couple that fall pregnant by accident, the woman who has an unprotected one night stand, the couple of whom one or both partners are alcoholics it drug addicts, the couple of whom one parent shows little interest in the children, the couple of whom or or both parents are violent towards their children, the couple of one or both parents abuse their children.

I believe that all of the above failures are less likely with a gay couple (some are impossible, obviously).

Why are they less likely? Because a gay couple will have to go to a lot of effort to have children. It will be a well-thought out process and consisted decision, an something that they both really want more than anything in the world, rather than a mistake or an accident, as is possible with straight couples. Of course, a child that is the result of an accident is not necessarily loved any less, but there is potential do that to happen.

But for a gay couple, having a child will always be something they have thought about for a long time. Because in order to have one they will have to either adopt, use a surrogate or artificial insemination. So it will be something they discuss at length, go through a long process to achieve and will be absolutely sure that it is what they want and will be fully dedicated to raising their children as best they can.

So for that reason, it’s likely that almost any gay couple with children will be really great parents. So when you weigh that against just having a man and woman, it’s clear that there are actually major benefits to having same-sex parents.

But for those of you who have been swayed by the No campaign posters, please read this well-researched article posted on Facebook by Tony McCarthy, where he explains why a lot of the arguments of the No campaign are moot and completely irrelevant to this particular referendum.


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