Why e-Van Transportation is Different?

What sets us apart from other removals companies in the market:

We use regular Independent Professional Movers as opposed to Employees

Your mover is a trusted, regular associate of e-Van Transportation, who himself receives the fee for the moving service directly from you, the customer. Each of our associated movers is a long-time associate of e-Van Transportation with several years of experience, many of them having had many years of experience even before joining us as an associate mover.

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Dedication and Customer Care

Because our movers are independent business owners, rather than employees, you are their customer as much as you are e-Van Transportation’s customer.

They care about your move more than an employee (who is possibly low paid) might, because your mover is the person who is going to receive your payment.

So they will ensure they do a really good, and careful job, and will be friendly and helpful because they themselves want you to be happy with the service, as opposed to some guy in an office wanting you to be happy with the service, and relying on his employees to provide a good service.


Low “Staff” Turnover

Unlike a moving company with employees, we don’t have a high level of staff turnover, i.e. we don’t have drivers leaving the company regularly and newbies starting and neing inexperienced. All of our current drivers have been with e-Van Transporation for at least a year.


We have Maximum Flexibility and Availability

Because we have 9 regular associated drivers in Dublin (and drivers in other counties), each with their own van and each having the availability of their own helper for 2-man jobs, we can offer much more availability for moving services than many of our competitors.  When we receive an enquiry, we potentially have 9 vans available, depending on what size van you require, so in almost all cases, we can take on the job.


A Wider Range of Van Sizes

We have several vans in each van-size, so that whatever van-size you require for your move, we have more than one driver that is potentially available to take the job. We have small vans (e.g. Renault Trafic, long wheelbase, low roof), large vans (e.g. Ford Transit, long wheelbase, medium high roof, extra-large vans (e.g. Mercedes Sprinter, extra-long wheelbase, high roof), and Luton box-body vans, which are our largest vehicles. Between all of thes vans, we have something to suit all sizes of moves from single items to large house and office moves.


How Does it Work for the Independent Movers?

We don’t have full-time work for all 9 vans (in Dublin), but our movers are independent, so they also obtain other moving jobs independently of e-Van Transportation. This allows them to continue to be available to me, because the don’t depend solely on e-Van Transportation solely for their income. They can continue to be available for work when it is available, whilst still making a living indepedently of e-Van as well.

Drivers receive the full payment from the cutomer, whether it’s paid in cash or by invoice (for companies). They just pay a fee to e-Van Transportation for sourcing the work for them, managing the enquiries and dealing with the customers by phone and email.


Dedicated Disposals Service

Disposals are also operated on the same basis with one driver: my disposals associate holds a valid waste collection permit, meaning he is legally authorised to collect waste, including furniture, garden waste and other bulky waste. He has been a very reliable and valued associate for the last few years, with an amazing capapcity for availability. Almost all enquires for diposal connection can be fulfilled with a day, if required.



As far as we know, there is no-one else quite like us. The other variations we know of are:

— the man with a van, i.e. one man with a one van, usually advertising on Done Deal, Adverts, Gumtree or Facebook

— the standard large removals companies with several vans and employees (not as many vans as us though, as far as we know)

— companies that allow an unlimited number men with a van/movers to register (subject to Ts & Cs) and then bid on jobs, which are then allocated to these independent movers if the customer accepts their bid

— companies that offer customer leads for as fee to a number of men with a van/removals companies, and then the movers can contact the customer and hope to win the job against the quotes of other movers who also paid for the same lead. Anyone can register as a mover for these companies

We are different because I know and trust, and have met and interviewed all my assoctiated drivers, I use the same 9 drivers in Dublin for all our moves, so you can rest assured that the driver that does your move is experienced and trustworthy. I also have a long-time associate local indepedent driver in several other counties in Ireland.


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