Badly Organised Industrial Estates

Do these businesses not want to be found?

Industrial EstateIt always amazes me how badly organised almost every industrial estate is and how hard it often is to find companies in these industrial estates. It is like the companies don’t want to be found. Sometimes some of the fault lies with the company itself. But in most cases there is an overall problem with the industrial estate.

Problem 1 – Lack of Unit Numbers on Buildings

The address of a company will be Unit 8, Bagstown Industrial Estate, for example, but there will be no unit numbers written on some or on many of the buildings. Sometimes there will be no unit numbers on ANY of the buildings so there is literally no way of knowing which building or which entrance is which unit number.

Problem 2 – Units are Not in Consecutive Order

So the buildings have unit numbers and the unit numbers are on some of the buildings, but they appear to have been assigned in a random order, so finding the unit you are looking for is still extremely difficult.

Problem 3 – List of Companies in Industrial Estate

There is often a big sign with a list of companies at the entrance, listing companies and their unit numbers. But in so many cases, these lists are not updated when new companies move in. Invariably the company you are looking for will not be on the list.

Problem 4 – Company Signage not on Entrances

Sometimes, incredibly, a company will not have any signage on their doorway. How in Gods name do they expect anyone to find the company when they don’t even put their name on the door. This is one of those issues that is the fault of the company.

Problem 5 – Signage

Signage is usually severely lacking. In some industrial estates there are signs pointing towards where certain companies are located. The signs will be directing you through several junctions, and then, as is typical in Ireland, you will reach a junction at which there is no sign, so you won’t know which way to go.

Problem 6 – Not on Google Maps

Every company in Ireland should be on Google Maps. When a company is on Google Maps and the location marker is in the correct location, it is incredible easy to find the company. It’s brilliant. But many companies aren’t on it. Many companies are on it but they have the location marker in the wrong place. If a company has set up and Google Maps listing, I would suggest that they get someone to drive a mile down the road and test it, because if it’s wrong, they’ll soon realise it, and they can easily move the market.


What needs to happen is that the companies in industrial estates come together and get things organised.

– At least get your company name on your door
– Get unit numbers on each companies entrance
– Get all companies added to the main list at the entrance to the industrial estate
– If there are several streets, why not name the streets (this is done sometime, but not very often)
– Ideally, have a list of companies at the top of every street
– Get yourselves on Google Maps and test it!
– Check out some industrial estates that are actually very well organised, like Parkwest Industrial Estate and Business Park (Clondalkin), South County Business Park in Leopardstown, and Citywest Industrial Estate.