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e-Van Transportation’s Trinity College Student Movers Service

If you’re a Trinity College Student moving flat/apartment, e-Van Transportation offers a specialist Student Flat Removals Service; the perfect solution to get your belongings from your old place to your new flat/apartment or flat quickly and easily.

Moving to Dublin to Study in Trinity College? e-Van Transportation’s Student Movers Service can help you move all your stuff from your family home to your new flat/apartment when you’re moving to Dublin for the first time to study in Trinity College.

e-Van Transportation offers Trinity College Student Flat Removals/New Student Movers services.

To book e-Van Transportation for Trinity College Student Flat Removals,

Call Evan on 089 6000 200    -or-    Text, Whatsapp or Viber Evan on 089 6000 200

View a breakdown of pricing for Trinity College Student Flat Removals:

Removals Pricing

As a specialist in Trinity College student flat removals and new Trinity College student mover services, I own a large Ford Transit van with which I have the capacity to transport:

- Computers
- Study Tables/Desks
- Tables and chairs
- Chests of drawers
- Large shelving units
- Couches/sofas and armchairs
- Other large pieces of furniture
- Large household appliances
- Large boxes of clothes and other household items
- Large bags of clothes etc
- Large suitcases
- Bicycles
- And any other household items you may need transported when moving apartment/flat or moving in

I have ratchet straps, which will hold your furniture securely in place where necessary, so that they don’t move around the van during transportation.

I also have an upright trolley and a flat-bed trolley to transport heavy and awkward items where possible.


My Van

The dimensions of the van’s goods transportation section are:

Length: 3.4 metres Width: 1.7 metres Height: 1.7 metres