Local Van Men

Contact Numbers for Local Van Men in in Ireland

e-Van Transportation offers great rates on long distance jobs from your county to the greater Dublin area and vice versa.

But if you’re looking for a local van man for a local job, within your county or to/from a nearby county, here is a list of contact numbers for local van men in various counties in Ireland.

Please note, these men are not employees of e-Van Transportation. They are independent van men who asked to be listed here.

County Name Number
Antrim n/a n/a
Armagh n/a n/a
Carlow Peter Oakey 0864658204
Cavan Matt O’Reilly 0862637951
Clare John Ryan 0879394034
Cork John Ryan 0879394034
Derry n/a n/a
Donegal Pat Harrold 0872347464
Down n/a n/a
Fermanagh Matt O’Reilly 0862637951
Galway John Ryan 0879394034
Albert Tsatiashvili 0851767113
Micheal Fahy 0876668199
Kerry Danny Brosnan 0862426776
Kilkenny Peter Oakey 0864658204
John Ryan 0879394034
Leitrim Albert Tsatiashvili 0851767113
Limerick John Ryan 0879394034
Longford Albert Tsatiashvili 0851767113
Louth n/a n/a
Mayo Albert Tsatiashvili 0851767113
Mike Walsh 0876448697
Monaghan Matt O’Reilly 0862637951
Offaly John Ryan 0879394034
Albert Tsatiashvili 0851767113
Brendan Quinn 0879718695
Roscommon Albert Tsatiashvili 0851767113
Sligo Albert Tsatiashvili 0851767113
Jamie Kenny 0851945409
Tipperary John Ryan 0879394034
Tyrone n/a n/a
Waterford Paul Barrett 0872049018
John Ryan 0879394034
Peter Oakey 0864658204
Westmeath Albert Tsatiashvili 0851767113
Wexford Stephen Wiggins 0872445164