Commercial Dumping in Dublin

Dumping WasteI received an enquiry about dumping in Dublin. A potential customer wanted me to dump some large items.

I checked out the regulations in relation to dumping in Dublin’s dumps and found that they will not accept waste where the person dumping it would benefit financially, i.e. that someone is paying you to dump it. Because of that, they will not generally allow entry to people driving large vans, e.g. a Ford Transit, like myself. However, they will allow householders to apply in advance for a vehicle permit to bring waste up in a large van. But it must be for your own household waste only and so if you were to come back a few times they would cotton on to what you were up to.

The solution would have been to take the items to a commercial dump in Dublin, e.g. Oxigen dump in Ballymount in Dublin, where apparently they would charge between 35 and 90 Euro* for commercial waste, depending on the vehicle. The charge for a van is €35.

I can now offer dumping of household furniture, household appliances and office equipment and furniture.

*Pricing time of publishing.