Bulky Waste Disposal Roscommon

Authorised Waste Collection & Disposal Service in Roscommon

Waste Disposal in Roscommone-Van Transportation has partnered with a Waste Disposal specialist offering Waste Disposal in Roscommon through authorised waste collectors in Roscommon.

If you need to dump bulky waste in Roscommon and require a larger vehicle because you cannot fit this large, bulky waste into your own vehicle, or because you don’t want to mess up your vehicle with dirty waste, or because you don’t own a vehicle, we offer the ideal solution through our Roscommon Waste Disposal partners. There are various charges for disposals, depending on the materials to be disposed of and the quantity. The quote that I provide will include the disposal fee.

e-Van Transportation’s Roscommon-based partners offers bulky waste disposal in Roscommon

Please don’t call or text for disposals quote requests. Please use the form below for the fastest response and most accurate estimate. I will respond to all enquiries.

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Roscommon Waste Disposal Fees and Recycling: How the Fee is Calculated

Bulky Waste Disposal Roscommon

Bulky Waste Disposal Roscommon

All items are recycled/disposed of responsibly at authorised recycling facilities/dumps in Roscommon. The price we quote you will always include the disposal fee and the fee for collection and transportation combined.

The disposal fee that the collector pays at the dump/recycling facility in Roscommon varies depending on the material and on the weight. For some items, they charge by weight. For some items, they pay a set price for each item. Some items are free to recycle.

The price we quote you for collecting, transporting and dumping/recycling your items takes into account the price they estimate they will pay at the dump/recycling facility, and factors in the time a job will take, mileage, tolls (if applicable). Based on what you request be to dispose of and the weight they estimates it will be, we will give tell you the total price the waste collector in Roscommon will be charging you.

Roscommon Bulky Waste Disposal Services

Waste disposal services in Roscommon are provided using a large tipper truck, which has the capacity to transport:

- Large bulky waste, including:
- Couches/sofas and armchairs
- Beds and mattresses
- Tables and chairs
- Chests of drawers
- Wardrobes
- Presses/cupboards
- Large shelving units
- Dressers
- Dressing tables
- Sideboards
- TV stands
- Garden waste
- and any other bulky waste you need dumped

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